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RunasRadio: Brian Komar Talks PKIs

Richard and Greg talk to Brian Komar about the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Extended Validation (EV) Certificates and whether or not anybody notices the green bar in Internet Explorer 7

RunasRadio: BYOD and PKI

Richard talks to Brian Komar about the issues around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Brian starts out talking about being a responsible PKI authority within your organization and how certificate revocation lists (CRLs) are a bigger issue than ever. From there, the conversation turns to the challenges of actually securing the delivery of certificates to devices that are never going to be joined to active directory. Actually understanding the costs of BYOD are an important part of the equation - maybe it's cheaper, simpler and safer to just distribute company devices to everyone?

How Not to Screw up your PKI

If you want to learn from the mistakes performed by others, this is the session for you. The session will look at the Top 10 most common deployment mistakes when deploying a PKI in your network.

How Digitnotar Changed the Landscape for Issuing Globally Trusted Certificates

The DigiNotar attack lead to the collapse of one of Netherland’s biggest commercial certificate organizations. The ramifications of this attack affect anyone who owns a CA that chains to a commercial CA. This session reviews the details of the DigiNotar attack and describes how this affects all of us. The session will include demonstrations on how you will have to setup up a commercially rooted CA in the future, including all cross-certification constraints required.

Issuing Certificates for Non-Domain and Non-Windows Computers

Join us to learn about the challenges and perils of distributing certificates from a Microsoft CA to non-Windows and non-domain joined clients.
The session will include both manual and autoenrollment scenarios covering Mac computers, iPads, iPhones, and Linux based computers

Issuing Certificates for Cloud-Based Computing

To use certificates in a cloud-based scenario, the organizations must trust the certificates issued by a partner. This session covers methods available to ensure that the certificates issued by your CA are trusted by partner organizations. The session will cover commercial roots, cross-certification, and bridge CA deployments

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