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Policy Authoring

Komar Consulting can assist your organization with drafting PKI-related policy documents. This include Certificate Policy (CP) documents, Certification Practice Statement (CPS) documents, and associated security policies. 

Smart Card Deployment

Komar Consulting can help you deploy strong authentication by using Versasec's VSEC:CMS product to deploy physical or virtual smart cards. The engagement will include defining workflows for the entire life-cycle of the smart card device.

Microsoft PKI Design and Deployment

Komar Consulting provides detailed consulting services for deploying the Microsoft PKI in your organization's environment. The documentation includes a design document, a detailed implementation guide, an operations guide, a disaster recovery guide,  and all necessary scripts and batch files for a successful deployment. Komar Consulting will guide you through the PKI deployment from initial design to key ceremony.

PKI Health Check

Komar Consulting can perform a remote health check of every CA in your CA hierarchy. Data is collected with scripts and then a gap analysis is performed comparing your deployed PKI against best practices. Remediation scripts are provided to bring your PKI up to industry best practices.

HSM Design and Deployment

Many organizations need more than software key protection for the critical servers in their organization. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) allow you to increase the assurance level of your PKI by implement 

EAL 4/FIPS 140-2 level 3 protection of your PKI certificates. Komar Consulting is well versed in designing and deploying SafeNet, Thales, and Utimaco hardware security modules and can assist your organization with design, migration of software keys, and acquisition of the HSMs.

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